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From "//chill" <>
Subject Apache->Warp->Tomcat based on extension instead of directory?
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2002 18:50:18 GMT
Hi, I'm new to the list so forgive if this has been asked. Did extensive
searching for hours, but to no avail.

I have Tomcat 4.0.1 and Apache successfully installed after many arduous
hours. Thanks to the list archives for getting me this far. I have a product
called Jgenerator( which dynamically generates flash files
installed, and working beautifully with Apache -> Tomcat or Tomcat
standalone. But I would prefer not to have Tomcat 'take over' from apache
based on a directory(which is how it is now) but have Tomcat take over based
on the file extension ie. *.jsp and *.swt (jgenerator extension).

Is the warp connector only good for directories? Will I have to install and
configure mod_jk or something similar to connect to Tomcat?

I have the following bits with warp working great:
<IfModule mod_webapp.c>
    WebAppConnection conn  warp  localhost:8008
    WebAppDeploy     examples    conn  /examples/
    WebAppDeploy jgenerator conn /jgenerator/
    # WebAppDeploy   jgenerator conn *.swt
    WebAppInfo /webapp-info/

The line commented out doesn't work (obviously?) and neither do these
WebAppDeploy   jgenerator conn /*.swt
WebAppDeploy   swt conn /*.swt

I have a folder set up $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/jgenerator with the unpacked
jar files, web.xml, and everything works beautifully at

but I can't view the same jgenerated flash file outside this directory. I'm
almost there! Please help!

Thanks in advance!
Chris Hill

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