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From "???" <>
Subject Re: instructions for Apache & webapp
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 14:23:10 GMT
Dear Dean Hall

This will be not correct answer, but I want to encourage you to searching tomcat forum in
wrox site.
I found there a doc explainning about mod_webapp installation for connecting apache and tomcat.
I read it but nevertheless I can't connect as usual.
mod_webapp's doc, install.txt was explained the content to be added in httpd.conf.
ServerName localhost
Loadmodule ...
Addmodule ...
WebAppConnection conn warp localhost:8008
WebAppDeploy examples conn /examples

I do that.
And restart tomcat and apache.
But I can't connect.

I want to meet anyone to explain about that.

Have a good luck, Bye.
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From: "Dean Hall" <>
To: "Tomcat User List" <>
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2002 5:36 PM
Subject: instructions for Apache & webapp

> I'm a new Tomcat user trying to install Tomcat to work with Apache
> 1.3.22 (on RH Linux 6.2). I gave up trying to compile from source (for
> the time being) because I didn't find the docs sufficient (yet) to be
> sure it would work.
> Now, I've installed the binary distro, and the docs seem to end before
> describing how to get Tomcat to run with Apache. I read the
> conf/server.xml file in the distro, and it seems to imply that some
> other stuff needs to happen (like installing Apache with the mod_webapp)
> for it to work properly, but I can find no documentation for this
> procedure. I looked just to see if I could find any source for the
> module in the apache source tree, and there is none. I looked in the
> installation documentation, and there's no mod_webapp listed.
> Is there something I'm missing? Some docs somewhere that I haven't seen
> yet?
> Dean.
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