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From "John Chan" <>
Subject Re: Applet Hassles
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2002 18:43:38 GMT

> Hello,
> I have been using the Tomcat on NT for the past 7 months mostly dealing
> Servlets and JSP's, and everything works great. I believe I have all my
> classpaths correct and the system configured properly.
> But whenever I create an applet, not using a package, and place it in the
> /classes directory (eg. classes/digitalClock.class), then put my HTML for
> the <applet> tag into my /root folder, the system cannot ever seem to find
> the damn applet class. I get a "class not found exception". I double
> my classpath and I am pointing to the /classes directory?
> Do I need to put in servlet.digitalClock.class in the applet tag? I tried
> that too and it does not work?  Does any ideas I can try to get this to
> function?
> Thanks,
> Scott Purcell

I believe that the problem is that your applet is expected to be where your
html is (or relative to it) and not where your servlets are (hence not in
the classes directory). Hope that helps.


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