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From Matt Egyhazy <>
Subject Re: PHP, servlet newbie and deployment descriptorl,
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 04:11:32 GMT
if you design the software first, you should be able to write a single
web.xml and then never change it unless you are changing init-parameters on
a per environment basis (in that case, just keep different versions in cvs
or write a script that builds the file for the specific environment, whether
dev, sit, qa, or production.)

if this is a version control type question, you should use cvs in your type
of setup.

im not entirely sure this answers your question because im not clear what
the problem is...the web.xml is a pretty simple thing, if your organization
is having problems with it, consider buying a J2EE friendly IDE that will
build it for you.


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From: "Simon Li" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2002 3:56 PM
Subject: PHP, servlet newbie and deployment descriptorl,

> Dear,
> Hi, all. I am a servlet newbie, come from a PHP world.
> Currently, I am testing a tomcat 4.0.1 on RH7.2 installation for a auction
> site project. As asked by my boss, i have to make a little report on what
> tools should we use in writing the project (java servlet vs. php)
> As i come from a php world, we found that php development is very
> and fast.
> The biggest problem(?) i found in servlet developement is the deployment
> descriptor file (web.xml). I have 2 -3 peoples working on different
> locations, using Windows 2000 as their workstation and put files thru ftp.
> Maintaining one copy of web.xml at development time seems pretty ...
> and preblmetic (?) at a first glance. And sometimes accompany with a
> of the servlet container....
> What i want to ask is:
> 1) Are there any website that help php coders to go thru it? (if there are
> such :P )
> 2) The design of directory structure, web.xml's URL-servlet mapping looks
> like a topic to me, which can further to be discussed for a better or
> flexible design? What are you guys would do in writing the web.xml file?
> Sorry for my poor english.
> Best regrads,
> Simon
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