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From "George Kakarontzas" <>
Subject <form-error-page> problem
Date Sun, 06 Jan 2002 08:53:44 GMT
Hi all.
I’m having a problem with tomcat 4.0 and form based authentication.
When I’m providing an existing username/password, that is one that exists in
the database or the tomcat-users.xml (I have tried both memory and JDBC
Realm), but has a role that is not allowed to view the page, the browser
displays hid default “403” page instead of the error page that I constructed
(<form-error-page>/error.jsp</form-error-page>). Note, however, that it
displays my form-error-page correctly when I provide an invalid
username/password (not in the database or tomcat-users.xml at all), or a
wrong password.
I am using tomcat 4.0 on Win2000 and I have tried both the stand-alone
server and the NT service.
I have also tried the
tomcat4.0\webapps\examples\jsp\security\protected\index.jsp after I have
commented out the “<role-name>role1</role-name>” in the
tomcat4.0\webapps\examples\WEB-INF\web.xml file (to make sure that is not my
program with the problem). Then I tried to login as the user role1 providing
the correct password and the browser displayed the default error page again
instead of the form-error-page.
Why is that?

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