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From "Nikola Milutinovic" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4.0.1 : What do these environmental variables mean?
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2002 06:31:20 GMT
> I was looking through and I want to confirm that I 
> understand what these environmental variables.
> When I say "Tomcat" I am refering to the absolute path on my system ( 
> Suse Linux 7.2 ) ending with a directory called "Tomcat" which contains 
> all of the subdirectories for Tomcat 4.0.1


> ==========================================================================
> CATALINA_BASE (Optional) Base directory for resolving dynamic portions
>                of a Catalina installation.  If not present, resolves to
>                the same directory that CATALINA_HOME points to.
> ===========================================================================
> Tomcat/bin ???

No. This is for most situations CATALINA_HOME. The only situation when it is not so is if
you want to have one Tomcat install dir and multiple instances or possible test configuration.
In tha case, each instance would have it's own dir with ./config ./webapps ./work ./classes
./lib and ./common dirs. They would all share the same CATALINA_HOME.

> ===========================================================================
> CATALINA_HOME (Optional) May point at your Catalina "build" directory.
>                If not present, the current working directory is assumed.
> ===========================================================================
> Tomcat or Tomcat/bin ???

Tomcat, most definitely.

> ==========================================================================
> CATALINA_OPTS (Optional) Java runtime options used when the "start",
>                "stop", or "run" command is executed.
> =========================================================================
> What are these "start, stop or run" commands.  Are these commands for 
> running tomcat in stand alone mode or as windows service?

These are for manual startup/shutdown. Of course, on UNIX we use that for boot/shutdown operation
as well.

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