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From "Tom Drake" <>
Subject Re: problem with multiple application on Tomcat
Date Tue, 01 Jan 2002 18:34:06 GMT

The answer to your problem is simple. You can simply package 
and deploy each set of classes as a seperate web application 
with it's own context (e.g. a, b, and c). Under each context is 
a WEB-INF/lib directory that would hold the jar file that 
contains the correct versions of all the classes used by that 
clients application. 

This way, when your user requests a URL from context 'a', 
the servlet, jsp, bean, ... code that handles the request will be
loaded from the jar file in the 'a' context. Similarly for the the
other contexts.

This will all run under one JVM, but each context will be loaded
via a different class loader.

Unless I've completely misunderstood your question, this should
be all there is to it.

Good luck, and happy new year.


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From: "puneet sachar" <>
To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2002 2:57 AM
Subject: problem with multiple application on Tomcat 

| To the technical team Tomcat ,
| Sir I have a problem, I'm using tomcat server 3.3 ,
| now I have 3 different application rather one
| application witrh different version 
| Say for client A I have some classes that is version
| 1.0
| For client B I have some classes that is version 2.0
| which have might have exactly same classes that is
| present in version 1.o or modified classes as required
| by client B and some extra classes
| And for Client C I have version 3.0 which again might
| have same classes or modified classes .
| Now I problem is I have to run that application on
| same tomcat server but I want different application
| only respond to their classes 
| Is it I have to add 3 different JVM for different for
| different classes or different Servlets context for
| different classes and how would I add 3 different JVM
| in one container.
| If u doesn't follow my question please take this case
| study
| As I mention I have 3 different applications running
| on my tomcat each have same class A
| And Class A for client A prints "in client A"
| For Class A for client B prints "in client B"
| And For Class A for client C prints "in client C"
| And suppose if class A is called by any one of client
| which is print..
| {According to me the class, which is set in class
| path, is to be printed and I want classes should
| respond to respective classes} 
| Please Sir I 'm stuck because of this problem looking
| forward for your suggestions
| Regards 
| Puneet Sachar
| e-Developer
| Shyama Software Solutions
| New Delhi 
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