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From "Xin Li" <>
Subject help is needed --- running enhydra application under tomcat 4
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2001 20:52:58 GMT
Hey, all,

I'm trying to make my enhydra application (Simple) running under tomcat 4.
Here is what I did so far. Please let me know what I have been missing,
since it doesn't work.

1) created a directory structure named Simple/WEB-INF under webapps/
2) created three directories (classes, lib and output) under WEB-INF
3) copied the classes directory from enhydra application to this "classes"
4) copied enhydra.jar and Simple.jar over to the "lib" directory
5) copied enhydra app configure file (Simple.conf) under output/conf/
6) edited WEB-INF/web.xml like this (bear me to write so much in detail):


    		<!-- The mapping for the default servlet -->

7) add "<Context path="/Simple" docBase="Simple" debug="0"
reloadable="true"/>" into server.xml
8) took out org.apache.tomcat classes from enhydra.jar

Thanks in advance!


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