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From "William Tansill" <>
Subject RE: win95 mod_webapp cannot load
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 00:00:28 GMT
Check a few things:

1) Did you place mod_webapp in e:\program files\apache group\apache\modules?
If you placed it in the \libexec directory, that's incorrect.
2) Did you also place the file libapr.dll in the above directory?
3) Assuming that both of the above modules are in the correct directory,
check your httpd.conf file.  You need to specify Loadmodule statements prior
to Addmodule statements, so you should see the statement:

LoadModule webapp_module modules/

before encountering the staement

AddModule mod_webapp.c

If you have the statements in reverse order, you won't be able to load
things properly.

-----Original Message-----
From: vendo []
Sent: Sunday, December 02, 2001 17:27 PM
To: Tomcat User List
Subject: win95 mod_webapp cannot load

Trying to get Apache1.3.22 and Tomcat4.01 to work together on win95,

I've downloaded the mod_webapp from jakarta, but it doesn't seem to work: at
each start I get a message saying:

Syntax error on line 1036 of e:/program
Cannot load e:/program files/apache group/apache/libexec/ into
r: (1157) One of the necessary librairy of this application couldn't be
(the last line is in french, I translated as I could)
[Une des librairies nÚcessaires Ó l'exÚcution de cette application n'a
pu Ûtre trouvÚe:]

Is my libapr.dll or a wrong version?
Thanks for help


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