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Subject RE: Illegal State Exception - Further information.
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 10:05:23 GMT
> The Servlet spec says that you can not call
> HttpServletResponse.sendError() once output has been
> committed to the browser.  If you do so, you get
> the IllegalStateException you are seeing.  With
> content already sent, it is too late to do a 
> redirection.

AH!  *So*, the theory here is that I am generating more than the 8kb of
data, which is being autocommited to the browser, then an error occurs and
the servlet cannot send the error, but instead raises this exception.  Got

In fact, I write a large form back in html.  If the last element were to be
null, and I try to write out a value thus:

<%= myObject.myProperty %>

then I would get this error as the servlet cannot raise a null pointer
exception as it would generally do.  Is that right?

I shall try this today, as it may well explain everything.

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