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From Justin Rowles <>
Subject [Offtopic] RE: JDBC Driver for MS SQL Server
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2001 16:59:30 GMT
> I certainly agree on this opinion!  I got bloody knuckles from the MS
> driver (really just OEM'd from Merant before they spun off).  bigint
> didn't work at all right out of the gate.  How many other bugs are
> lurking if such an obvious one made it through the "extensive" QA
> process?

According to the current /. [] front page, a member of Al-Qaeda
is claiming that MS was infiltrated and that there are deliberate bugs and
trapdoors in XP.  Microsoft says that the their "extensive QA process"
hasn't picked up anything.

Open source is safer for your critical applications.  Apache, Tomcat, GNU et
al are great.

This message was brought to you by Fear, Uncertainty and Dubya.
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