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From Tõnu Põld <>
Subject RE: Ever increasing heap size with Tomcat 3.2.3 !!!
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2001 08:32:41 GMT

We have a similar problem with IBM JDK 1.3.0 (JIT enabled).
I suggest to debug the garbage collector (gc) by turning on the -verbosegc
command option. The garbage collecting activity will be written to stderr.

In our case I suspect that it is JVM problem because the output shows that
90% heap is free, but still the OutOfMemoryException occurs sometimes. The
exception occurs when the servlet application tries to allocate big amount
of memory (5Mb). Even if we set the -Xmx128m and -Xms128m the error occurs,
although the output shows that there is 90% (115Mb) free space in heap.

I suspect that the OutOfMemoryError occurs because the heap gets too
fragmented, therefore the gc can't allocate big sequential memory area. This
makes me believe that the heap defragmentation process takes place very
seldom. If big amount of memory is needed then it is allocated from the end
of the heap, but if the heap size grows close to the maximum, then the
exception occurs. Does anybody know if there is a way to force the
defragmentation to occur more frequently?

I have stress tested our application Sun JRE 1.2.2, and the OutOfMemoryError
never occurred.

With IBM JDK we minimized the occurrences of OutOfMemoryError by setting the
-Xms64m and -Xmx128m. In this case the garbage collector keeps the heap size
somewhere between min and max. Example from our log: 86% free
(92324744/107150328). But if we generate too much load then we still get the
OutOfMemoryError. But at the moment our application doesn't get so much
load, so the OutOfMemoryExcpetions are rare.

Would be very thankful if anybody could confirm/explain my suspicions,

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Hawkins, Keith (Keith) []
> Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2001 7:34 PM
> To:; tomcat-user
> Subject: Ever increasing heap size with Tomcat 3.2.3 !!!
> Hello,
> Before my manager insists that we switch to JRun,  can any of 
> the Tomcat
> developers help with a problem of an ever increasing heap size of the
> Tomcat java.exe. ??  (We are running Tomcat 3.2.3 and 
> JRE1.3.1. and the
> IIS redirector)
> We are running a load test using LoadRunner scripts on some JSP and
> servlets that are running under Tomcat.  The load is not all 
> that heavy
> but the heap size of the Tomcat java.exe process keeps growing and
> growing. We modified the java command line to start with  -Xmx128m to
> allow 128 MB of heap but we still max out after a day or so.   We even
> modified one of our servlets to create a thread that runs  
> Runtime.gc()
> every 30 seconds.   The LoadRunner scripts just keep logging 
> in the same
> 5 people via our authentication servlet so you would think memory use
> would level out at some point.
> Nothing we do seems to keep the heap size from growing.  
> Are there known issues with Tomcat and heap size??
> Doing a web search revealed numerous posts with people having similar
> problems so I believe there is a problem.   The standard 
> response these
> people receive is to increase the heap size via -Xmx   But that seems
> like a band-aid rather than a real solution.   That just delays the
> inevitable.
> Any insight as to how to keep the Tomcat process from 
> grabbing more and
> more memory would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Keith

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