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From Paul Carver <>
Subject jsessionid in URL causes Apache/Tomcat to product 404 error
Date Sat, 01 Dec 2001 17:13:23 GMT
I've read a lot of messages regarding this problem, but still can't figure 
out the solution (so you might want to read everything here before 
replying).  I'm using Windows2000 Server on an Apache virtual host running 
Tomcat (more  platform info below).

I'm tracking sessions in my jsp pages.  I need to accept browers who do not 
have cookies enabled.  I redirect to a page using 
response.encodeRedirectURL(...).  This creates a URL,;jsessionid=xxx?myparm=yyy.  I always 
receive a 404 error and at the same time see tomcat message in the console:

Ctx( ): 404 R( /java-mfc + 
/jsp/gmain.jsp;jsessionid=bb7p455ro1 + null) null

Everything works fine if cookies are enabled (i.e. without the jsessionid 
in the URL, things are great).  If anyone has any ideas, I would love to 
hear it.

Below are more tidbits of information.
This problem only occurs when cookies are disabled.
I'm using the Apache <Virtual Host/>.
I'm using the Tomcat <Host/> (rather just a <Context/>).
Windows2000 Server
Apache 1.3.22
Tomcat 3.2.4
Sun's Java SDK 1.3.1
When not using sessions, or sessions without cookies...
all my jsp invocations work fine
all my servlets can be called fine
bottom line...everything works great except with a jsessionid is within the url
I've read several archive message indicating that this can be solved by 
making sure mod_rewrite is enabled with the rule; I've done this, but it 
still doesn't work (remember, this is inside a virtual host in Apache's 
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
       RewriteEngine on
       RewriteRule ^(/.*;jsessionid=.*)$ $1 [T=jserv-servlet]
Of course the Apache configuration has the Load/Add module for mod_rewrite 
All my Apache and Tomcat paths use "progra~1" rather than "Program Files".
My mod_rewrite debug looks like:
(2) init rewrite engine with requested uri 
(3) applying pattern '^(/.*;jsessionid=.*)$' to uri 
(2) rewrite /java-mfc/jsp/gmain.jsp;jsessionid=rmoxmq6gj1 -> 
(2) remember /java-mfc/jsp/gmain.jsp;jsessionid=rmoxmq6gj1 to have 
MIME-type 'jserv-servlet'
(2) local path result: /java-mfc/jsp/gmain.jsp;jsessionid=rmoxmq6gj1
(2) prefixed with document_root to 
(1) go-ahead with 
(1) force filename d:/data/apache/www/html/mathfactcafe/java-mfc to have 
MIME-type 'jserv-servlet'


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