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From "Fred Ingham" <>
Subject JSP invoking an Applet Problem
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 14:56:31 GMT
To all,

We have been struggling with the following problem for a couple of days...
perhaps someone will be able to shed some light on what is going on...

We have an Applet that needs to be invoked from a HTML page on a number of
operating system platforms and browsers.  When the appropriate applet,
object, and embed tags are hard coded into a HTML page, the Applet is
invoked fine from all operating system platforms and browsers.

However, when the same exact tags are created by a JSP custom tag (as
verified by viewing the source delivered to the browser) the Applet is not
invoked.  Specifically, the Java console reports that the Applet class can
not be found.

I can provide additional information if required but what I have described
is essentially what is happening... as an aside, we are using Tomcat v4.0.1,
the operating systems are Windows 2000, RedHat Linux 7.1, Sun Solaris 2.7,
and Dec Unix 4.0F, the web browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer 5,
Netscape Navigator 4.7, and Netscape Navigator 6.2 (actually, the Mozilla

Thanks, Fred

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