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From "Martin van den Bemt" <>
Subject RE: ATTN: TC users, reply requested
Date Sat, 10 Nov 2001 17:03:20 GMT
See below for comments..


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Eric Strain []
> Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2001 2:46 AM
> To:
> Subject: ATTN: TC users, reply requested
> Hi All:
> I've noticed a wide range of (Java and TC related ) topics being
> discussed
> on this mailing list. The people here are having problems rangeing from
> initial construction of tomcat upto and including problems connected with
> using the software on various OS and development platforms

> configuration
> problems, security issues, the list goes on... )

Don't forget webservers...

> I've also noticed that some of the members of this list have successfully
> beaten some of the problems that other users cannot get past. I
> have an idea
> that can help turn TC from the barage of misdirection and unanswered
> questions into a standard of programming excellence and
> productivity for the
> TC community. My idea is this:
> I can setup a website with fully executable downloadable versions of the
> Tomcat compiler for any number of the OS platforms (Win95 / 98, Win2k,
> Linux, Unix, NT4.0 etc...) where TC is used. The website would
> also include
> installation instructions for TC use on the various OS platforms and the
> donors contact information such as:
> "This program was donated to this site by:"

I don't think the problem is there for getting a compiled release ;)) You
can downlaod that already and is working perfectly if you read the
installation document.

> EX: The user calls up my website and clicks the Linux link, they
> are taken
> to a site for TC use on Linux and would have a download link for a fully
> executable TC (on the Linux platform ) with configuration instructions
> etc... links to the TC mailing list etc... this example is
> portable to any
> of the other OS platforms where TC is used.

Is exactly the same as the windows version, the vms version ,etc,etc... I
thought that was the purpose of java in the first place ;)) So what are you
trying to achieve here? If tomcat doesn't run standalone on a platform, it
is either a bug in tomcat or a bug in the jvm.

The problem is in connecting tomcat to webservers..  And if you want
binaries for ALL possible combinations, it's best to have a package which
also includes the webserver (which for apache+tomcat is already there
somewhere I believe). If documentation doesn't seem to cover EVERYTHING
needed, then the documentation should be updated, but that has to come from
the people who are actually faced those problems, so it can be added in
those documents (you cannot get any valuable input from me, if everything
works fine...)
A big problem solver is actually that people read the documents supplied
(something we don't like to do though, or at least most of the time we just
skim through it briefly, in which case you miss some important notes).

So in short :
Do what you think is necessary, but I tend to think this is only adding
confusion instead of solving it..


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