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From "pero" <>
Subject RE: Precompile JSP
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2001 20:07:31 GMT
Note: Jspc doesn't compile your jsps as the webserver would do. That means
that when you call jspc and start the server afterwards then the webserver
will compile the jsps itselft again (at least this is my experience). I
think the main purpose of jspc is to get rid of your jsp-files since it
simply converts them to servlet (and generates the correct servlet-config
for your web.xml). Another solution to simply compile a jsp is to call it
(from a browser) with the jsp_precompile=true parameter (example:
http://localhost:8080/my.jsp?jsp_precompile=true) Then the jsp will be
compiled but NOT executed.
I simply wrote a servlet that goes through the whole web-app and calls all
jsps this way.
The Java-Code to call one jsp would be:

URL url = new URL ("http://localhost:8080/my.jsp?jsp_precompile=true");
URLConnection con = url.openConnection();

Hope this helps (or at least adds another point of view to the discussion)


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Tom Parker []
> Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2001 8:54 PM
> To: Tomcat Users List; Tom Drake
> Subject: RE: Precompile JSP
> > Try bin/jspc.bat or
> I would like to compile my jsp's as a test before I deploy it and
> see if it
> works. I spend quite a lot of time changing stuff, deploying, loading in a
> web browser and seeing jsp compiliation problems.
> It would be nice to have jspc compile my jsp's during the deployment
> process. I tried this and it seems to recompile everything,
> rather than only
> those files that have changed.
> Is there a depends option to jspc?
> The obvious solution is to use ant to only compile those files that have
> changed, but there doesn't seem to be an equivelent of make's
> .c.o option in
> ant. Is there a dependset creator anywhere, if there isn't a generic .c.o
> type task?
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