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From "pero" <>
Subject RE: Precompile JSP
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2001 09:26:07 GMT
> (sigh) and I thought it was such a good idea...

me too :)

> Could we have a startup servlet that would wait for a JSP servlet
> to start-up and then call all the pre-compilations? Or just wait
> for a while? (That sucks as an idea, I know)
> We definitely need a regular "hook" for this.

Servlet-Api 2.3 (TC 4) uses the concept of LifeCycleListeners - that could
have been the deal! But it isn't. :-( The contextInitialized-method is
called before the servlets are loaded (including jsp) and so this approach
doesn't work either...
Could any developer point me (us) to a solution on how to hook a precompiler
into the application (dont want to use jspc)? I doubt that there is a
portable way of doing so, since servlet-on-startup and LifeCycleListener do
not work. But nevertheless I would love to implement that feature.
And some dirty workaround (starting a thread in servlet.init() that waits 10
sec or so) would be too evil. At least for me (-:

help appriciated


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