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From "Chris Tucker" <>
Subject RE: Best JDK For Tomcat ?
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2001 18:37:29 GMT
This is a pretty limited test too...if you want to benchmark the JDK, you
need to look at more than its ability to increment numbers and create/cast
objects.  You ought to be testing polymorphic calls, inheritance-stack based
calls, recursive behaviour, deep-method-call behaviour, data copying speed,
socket performance, exception handling performance, etc. etc. etc.  I have
to believe there are plenty of JDK benchmark suites out there already that
you would probably be better off using, and that would give you far more
accurate results (perhaps do a search on or something).

Chris Tucker

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From: Charles Hudak []
Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 10:25 AM
To: ' '
Subject: RE: Best JDK For Tomcat ?

What you really need to do is put a timer around the actual loop. Much of
what you are 'timing' in your test is the startup of the JVM which is not
relevant to 'speed' in running a servlet engine.


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From: Laurent Michenaud
Sent: 11/28/2001 9:54 AM
Subject: Best JDK For Tomcat ?


I would like you to comment these results, tell me about your
experiences, and tell me about which jdk is best for a Tomcat...

I'm testing the different jdk with a litte

Here's the following execution time :

sun jdk1.2.2_rev9 => 16 seconds
sun jdk1.3.1_01 => 2 seconds
ibm jdk1.1.8 => more than 2 minutes, it didnot finish.
ibm jdk1.3 => 3 seconds

Here the i've done :
( u may think about revelent instructions to add in it, please
tell me about ):

public class Test

public static void main( String args[] )
   Integer i ;
   String t ;
   for( int cpt = 0 ; cpt < 500000 ; cpt++ )
      cpt++ ;
      cpt-- ;
      t = new String("12345");
      i = new Integer("12345");

Michenaud Laurent
- Adeuza -
[ Développeur Web - Administrateur Réseau

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