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From "David Molloy" <>
Subject Someone please explain Processes
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 18:43:53 GMT
   Recently my system (SUSE7.2, running Tomcat4.0b6, Oracle8.1.7) has come
crashing down around it's knees a few times, completely locking out all
input, even terminals (gasp horror - restart button needed) - needless to
say it's a big cause of concern.  As a result of the problems I've been
looking at the various programmes running on the machine using top and other
such packages.  The line of concern is the following one:

root  3105   3032    0    18:28   pts/3    00:00:00  /usr/java/jdk1.3.1/bin
/i386/native_threads/java -Xms12m -Xmx24m -classpath ./../bin/bootstrap.jar:
classes -Dcatalina.home=./.. org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap start

Other system tools indicate that this is using approximately 2.7MB of system
memory.  This wouldn't be such a concern except there are *43* of these
processes.  However, when I shut down Tomcat I barely free 32MB so it
doesn't seem to be a huge problem.

What I'm wondering is - should there be loads of these processes?  I am
a Connection pool (Karl Moss) but it shouldn't be managing anything near
like 43 connections and I'm pretty confused, but this could be it?

The system runs fine most of the time and maybe it's not even this but I'd
love to get the processes thing explained, if only to keep out system
admin happy :)

Thanks in advance,

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