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From "L Rutker" <>
Subject Config crashing Tomcat 4.01
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2001 16:47:32 GMT
I am new at this and the way I mapped my servlet might be odd but crashing 
tomcat wasn't what I expected.
I am running Tomcat 4.01 standalone on NT 4 SP6
I am starting it using the shortcut provided by the installation (\Apache 
Tomcat 4.0\bin\bootstrap.jar" start) and stopping it with the stop shortcut.

Here is what I did. My web.xml is as follows:
    <!-- next mapping causes problems -->

It works and when I hit 
http://localhost:8080/anyservletName?action=add&type=user I get exactly what 
I expect.
But when I tested an oddball url as follows:
http://localhost:8080/?action=add&type=user just passing the params to 
nothing I get the index page (wasn't sure I would get the index page or the 
servlet- now I know). At this point any servlet or JSP I try to invoke the 
system throws a "500 Internal Server Error" The root cause is: 
java.lang.StackOverflowError (the longest stack trace I have ever seen - not 
sure this is common in tomcat).
This in itself wouldn't be that bad if I could shut down Tomcat. It doesnt 
fully shut down using the shortcut (the start Tomcat window doesnt shut down 
a message appears "Stopping service Tomcat-Standalone" and it hangs. When I 
manually shut the window and kill every thread I can see that I think is 
associated with the process (java ones).
Note The problem as I know it is ONLY when trying to do a forward.
Just passing the servlet the parameters ?junk=someJunk will pose no problem. 
It is only when the parameter triggers the servlet to do a forward to a jsp 
page that causes the exception. The only way to restore it is to rebooot. I 
did clear out all the cache in the work folder.

Thanks in advance

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