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From "Eric Strain" <>
Subject ATTN: TC users, reply requested
Date Sat, 10 Nov 2001 01:45:58 GMT
Hi All:
I've noticed a wide range of (Java and TC related ) topics being discussed 
on this mailing list. The people here are having problems rangeing from 
initial construction of tomcat upto and including problems connected with 
using the software on various OS and development platforms ( configuration 
problems, security issues, the list goes on... )

I've also noticed that some of the members of this list have successfully 
beaten some of the problems that other users cannot get past. I have an idea 
that can help turn TC from the barage of misdirection and unanswered 
questions into a standard of programming excellence and productivity for the 
TC community. My idea is this:

I can setup a website with fully executable downloadable versions of the 
Tomcat compiler for any number of the OS platforms (Win95 / 98, Win2k, 
Linux, Unix, NT4.0 etc...) where TC is used. The website would also include 
installation instructions for TC use on the various OS platforms and the 
donors contact information such as:
"This program was donated to this site by:"

EX: The user calls up my website and clicks the Linux link, they are taken 
to a site for TC use on Linux and would have a download link for a fully 
executable TC (on the Linux platform ) with configuration instructions 
etc... links to the TC mailing list etc... this example is portable to any 
of the other OS platforms where TC is used.

In order to create this project I need a few things from the users of this 
mailing list:

1) ideas, feedback, opinions (both positive and negative) from the users of 
this list about this idea

2) if the response is good and the idea is supported, I'll set up the web 
site and post its address to this list, I'll also     setup an off site 
E-mail address where the members with a working TC for various OS platforms 
can send attachments of their TC which will be available to the TC community 
for download from my / our web site.

I think this idea will prevent the members of this TC community from having 
to "reinvent the wheel" everytime they need TC functionality. I also think 
it will help TC evolve into a standard of execellence and productivity for 
the programming community on this list.  Ideas, opinioins, and feedback 
about this idea are requested. Also, if this idea is supported, I appeal to 
your sense of decency and request that "as a matter of programming 
courtesey", don't do anything to this website that you would not want 
someone to do to your site, EX: malicious code of any kind.

Thank you all, and I look forward to your response

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