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From "Vara Prashanth" <>
Subject Tomcat Does not WORK!?
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2001 22:03:44 GMT
Hello everyone:

I am running Tomcat 3.2.2 on a win2k machine with IIS. I have not tried
operating tomcat on my machine for a couple of weeks now...and today when I
try and start it on my machine, I get the following message....The commands
I gave was "startup" and "tomcat start"...both yielding the same! Can some
one suggest what I messed up in my machine....can it be because of a
software I installed?


To install a service:
        -install service_name jvm_library (jvm_option)*
        -start start_class [-method start_method] [-params
        [-stop start_class [-method stop_method] [-params
        [-out out_log_file] [-err err_log_file]
        [-current current_dir]
        [-path extra_path]

To uninstall a service:
        -uninstall service_name

service_name:   The name of the service.
jvm_library:    The location of the JVM DLL under which to run the service.
jvm_option:     An option to use when starting the JVM, such as:
                "-Djava.class.path=c:\classes" or "-Xmx128m".
start_class:    The class to load when starting the service.
start_method:   The method to call in the start_class. default: main
start_parameter:A parameter to pass in to the start_method.
stop_class:     The class to load when stopping the service.
stop_method:    The method to call in the stop_class. default: main
stop_parameter: A parameter to pass in to the stop_method.
out_log_file:   A file to redirect System.out into.
err_log_file:   A file to redirect System.err into.
current_dir:    The current working directory for the service.
                Relative paths will be relative to this directory.
extra_path:     Path additions, for native DLLs etc.

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