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From Alec Bickerton <>
Subject RE: mod_webapp/Tomcat4 ready for production level stuff?
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2001 15:16:00 GMT

I currently work in an ISP, we are using Tomcat exclusively to handle ALL our JSP / Servlet
& EJB apps, we have never seen an outage due to tomcat, and the performace 
has never given us reason to be concerned.
TC4 is currently being used to provide B2B services to clients on a fairly small scale, however
the server loads indicate that scaling would not present any significant problems.

(No complaints yet)

The TC4 architecture seems to be more flexible than previous releases.


I have been migrating some of our systems to tomcat4 from tc3 and have come across a few teething
I'm sure these will be worked out in few maintenance releases, It's a case of suck it and

28/11/2001 14:47:26, "Carl Boudreau" <> wrote:

>	I'm involved in developing a large B2B web application.  I'd like to know
>what you end up doing, Web logic's price seems to be way to high to ask a
>customer to purchase it.  We are looking at open source too.
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