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From Alec Bickerton <>
Subject Re: New tomcat user questions
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 10:36:41 GMT
19/11/2001 10:16:45, Tom Oinn <> wrote:

>Alec Bickerton wrote:
>> This indicates that the config file couldn't be found.
>> QUESTION: Can  anyone suggest a reason as to why this is happening, even tho this
works under 3.2.3 ?
>> QUESTION: What would I need  to do to make poolman.xml visible to all webapps ?
>The most common reason we've found for this error is that tomcat4 is
>much more picky about the ordering of elements within web.xml. This can
>mean that it will quietly not set any of your servlet configuration - do
>you have a parameter in the web.xml saying where to find your xml file
>perhaps? Take a look in the catalina.out logfile, it would tell you
>whether this is happening (you'll get complaints about an invalid
>web.xml file)

Tomcat appears to be setting the variables in web.xml, I can call the servlet from a browser
by its mapping in web.xml. There are no other any 
errors in catalina.out apart from the exception below.

Let me clarify....
The poolman.xml file is the configuration file for one of my libraries ,(poolman.jar)
poolman.jar is calls poolman.xml (Supposed to be anywhere on the classpath)
As I said before this works on 3.2.3 

>To make a file visible to all webapps should just be a question of
>telling the other webapps where on the file system the xml file is
>located surely? If you're accessing through HTTP you could set up a
>dummy context with access restricted to localhost that contains your
>configuration files.
>Hope this helps,
>Tom Oinn
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