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From felix <>
Subject Re: Apache people, For god's sake Do something!
Date Sat, 10 Nov 2001 23:31:52 GMT

> From: "Martin van den Bemt" <>
> Help and fixing issues are done at a very high speed rate on tomcat, I
> wouldn't bet my money on getting this with commercial companies!
> The beautiful way of open source is indeed, as said by Graham, if it itches,
> scratch it (yourself..)
> Mvgr,
> Martin

but another failure of commercial software is that the biz people drive the
development pace so that too many features get added at the cost of
stability and purity of concept.

and so we would hope that open source developers didn't also get on that
track, and spent more time getting a pure, simple and immediately
understandable api/config.

this is very common in web-shops.  crap code because its all about what the
manager sees coming out the other end.

in the long run everybody pays for it:  i have to waste too long fixing a
crap implementation and its more hours for everyone.

tomcat's config problems have wasted thousands and thousands of development
dollars/hours that could have been spent fixing the problem in the first

apologies to tomcat developers, i really don't want to rag on you.  if i
wasn't developing several other systems/projects, i would get further
involved.  i might in the future.

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