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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Mod_webapp configuration
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2001 17:19:38 GMT
Nikola Milutinovic at wrote:

> Parashar, Hitesh wrote:
>> What is the time-frame for this change to be in?
>>> It will be supported in upcoming releases by mod_webapp, all static content
>>> (so the one not associated with a filter, with a servlet, or with security
>>> constraints) will be served automagically by Apache.
> Pier, can you give us a time-frame on this?
> I know that you don't like to do that - you got your share of "friendly fire"
> on this list regarding the existing mod_webapp, but you could still give us
> some idea...

I can't. As I told you, I don't care much about it, since in most scenarios
my web applications are 100% dynamic. From the look of it, the patch
shouldn't take more than 4/5 hours + testing, but I'd rather go out and find
a new job (since I lost mine yesterday) than do it :)

> Currently, I'm not even using any connector, so I could wait a bit - a month
> or two, but then I'll have to serve my web application integrated into our
> intranet web server. Since mod_jk is out of the question for me (Digital
> UNIX), I'll have to build mod_webapp.

A month or two is probably fine... From the look of it it was supposed to
come out by Nov. 9th, but for sure we can't make it for then (J.F. Is on
vacation, and next week I'll have to start looking around).

> Is it working with Apache 2.0?

Yes, the Apache 2.0 team ported the 1.3 module to the new web server, but
the build is kinda flaky since even in the last releases of Apache 2.0 APXS
is still broken... Maybe it would be easier to build it as a statically
compiled module...


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