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From "Smith, Lawrence T (Lance)" <>
Subject RE: Odd include file behavior on test
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 13:36:32 GMT
That particular include statement actually pulls the second file as 
part of the source file before Tomcat compiles it. In so doing
Tomcat uses the timestamp on the main file and never checks the included
file. All you have to do is resave the master file and you should see
you're changes.

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From: smashingwebs []
Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2001 5:29 PM
Subject: Odd include file behavior on test

Hi I am developing a jsp web application and one
of my jsp pages has the <%@ include file="whatever.jsp" %>
tag. As you can see I am including another .jsp page.
If I make a change on the whatever.jsp page and visit
it with my browser, I can see the changes. But the
odd thing is, if I visit the other page which has the
whatever.jsp included, the old version of whatever.jsp
shows up. I am using tomcat with apache and win2000.
I have tried stopping and restarting both tomcat and
apache, but the old version still persits. I have even
tried restarting my computer and the old version
STILL persists. Very odd. It makes it difficult to
debug or make changes. Anyone have any ideas?
(p.s.) I have tried pointing my browser at localhost:8080,
reloading and also going out through my isp back to my own
server. The old version just wont go away!) 

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