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From Satish Talim <>
Subject Re: [repost] loading class files
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2001 23:47:43 GMT

As suggested, I have unjarred the downloaded MySQL JDBC driver jar file and 
placed it in H:\jakarta-tomcat-4.0.1\webapps\netaps\WEB-INF\classes 
directory along with its package structure. It now works ie. the Driver 
class is found but somehow fails to register with the DriverManager class - 
all sorts of exceptions are raised. Any idea what could be the problem?

My servlet uses JDBC and throws a page with an applet. Then via 
HttpURLConnection I have to do applet/servlet communication...

Amit Lonkar


>I use this setup on my linux box (TC 4.0.1, MySQL JDBC, Mandrake 8).  The
>only issue I've ever had with the driver is the downloaded MySQL JDBC driver
>file needs to be unjarred.  The .jar file nested inside is the actual JDBC
>driver.  Place it in WEB-INF/lib and restart Tomcat so it can find the file.
>Alternatively, this file can be in CATALINA_BASE$/lib or
>CATALINA_BASE$/common/lib if you want it available to all your apps or all
>your apps and Tomcat itself respectively.
>Note on the other stuff:  Classes used on the server side should be in a
>package structure under WEB-INF/classes to work correctly.  JSPs, static
>content, and client-side applets should all be outside the WEB-INF folder for
>proper operation.  This is defined in the spec and is required for all
>applications conforming to it.
>Hope this clears some mystery.
>--David Smith

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