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From Jim Cheesman <>
Subject RE: benchmarking Tomcat4?
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 08:12:12 GMT
At 03:01 AM 30/11/01, you wrote (and I edited)

> >
> >matt

>I downloaded this and was immediately struck at how uselessly useful
>this tool is.  It's obviously aimed at programmers, which I am not.  I
>build systems and environments, I don't know Java.
>Wouldn't it be nice if just ONCE someone would write a utility that
>doesn't assume you're a damn programmer?  When I went through college C
>and Pascal were big thing.  I don't know beans about Java (no pun

This strikes me a little like complaining that cars are useless because you 
don't know how to drive... Wouldn't it be nice if just ONCE some car 
manufacturer made a car that didn't assume you knew how to drive?

>Now, will someone please point me to something that isn't documented in
>what amounts to hieroglyphics to non-programmers?

More seriously, that's a valid complaint - though one that perhaps misses 
the mark. These are open-source volunteer run projects - and the one thing 
that we programmers seem to hate more than anything else is 
documenting...  Which is where you could be of real use... Work out how to 
use JMeter, then submit some documentation for non-programmers. Suggest 
improvements. Perhaps learn a little java and help implement them. Yes, 
it's time-consuming, and you may not have that much available. But don't 
just complain that something FREE is useless.

BTW, I seem to recall a Dr. Dobbs article on web benchmarking - you might 
want to search at their site to find it. But (and it's a big "but") the 
applications were not free - or even cheap.



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