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From Bob Marcum <>
Subject Delayed shutdown and restart
Date Sun, 11 Nov 2001 18:00:08 GMT
I am experiencing a delayed shutdown and restart.  Is this a bug in
tomcat 4.0 or a configuration issue?

Here is what is happening:

When I get tomcat started okay, then I may want to bring down tomcat and
then right back up ... to refresh tomcat's access to a new servlet,
say.  The restart seems to fail (actually it is only delayed, I have
learned by trial and with counsel from other users).  The catalina.out
log reports, on attempt to start that the "Address is in use" but
netstat does not report any use of port 8080.

If I attempt a restart then set the browser to "localhost:8080/" after
some period of time (more than 10-15 minutes) the tomcat html answers
and tomcat is okay.

What is the source of this delay ... and is it a delay in shutdown such
that port 8080 is just not yet released when I attempt to restart ...
or, is the delay in the start for some other reason?

Would an upgrade to v4.01 solve this problem, as has been suggested to
me by another very helpful user?

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