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From William Hovingh <>
Subject Re: Help with Tomcat/Apache/mod_dav
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2001 19:41:16 GMT
Earlier, I wrote:
> I am running Apache 1.3.20+mod_dav+mod_webapp, with DAV enabled on the
> entire document tree and several resources being served by Catalina
> through the warp/mod_webapp connector.
> My problem is that I would like very much for one of those webapps to be
> visible as a (read-only) resource for a DAV client.

I have tracked down my issue to this: What is the mod_webapp
configuration incantation I need to employ to get Apache to pass a
request (of arbitrary method) on to Tomcat if it comes in as, say, 
OPTIONS /webappname HTTP/1.1

What I *want* is for this to get the same response as this does:
OPTIONS /webappname/ HTTP/1.1

(where, of course, my webapp has something running at the URL mapping
"/" that returns an appropriate Allow: header).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone knows the magic I need to perform here,
let me know.  I am DESPERATE and under GROSS TIME PRESSURE.  (And I
promise to summarize how I've done all this once I get it working, since
it's been a good learning experience for me already.)

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