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From Marc Ponschab <>
Subject Re: Classloader TC3.3
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 15:03:40 GMT
I think making JspInterceptor configurable would be the best solution. 
This give the possibility to parse also *.js files or someone can serve 
jsp's named *.html and so on.


Larry Isaacs wrote:

> While trying to fix the "useJspServlet" problem, I'll
> at least make it easier to enable the JspServlet in
> a web application without having to copy jars.
> I'll also take a look to see if JspInterceptor can be made
> configurable for other than JSP.  If that doesn't
> prove practical, I try to come up with how it might be
> customized into a MyCssInterceptor.
> Cheers,
> Larry
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Marc Ponschab []
> Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 3:09 AM
> To: Tomcat Users List
> Subject: Re: Classloader TC3.3
> Thanks for your answer,
> is there cuurently any possibility mapping other extensions than *.jsp 
> to get the hook in JspInterceptor?
> It seems to be more effective rather than invoking the JspServlet.
> Marc
> Larry Isaacs wrote:
>>You aren't making a mistake, other than thinking you made a
>>mistake.  This is probably the simplest solution if you
>>want to make use of Jasper's JspServlet.
>>To improve performance, Tomcat 3.3 doesn't use Jasper's
>>JspServlet.  Instead JSP's are translated (using Jasper) and
>>compiled by the JspInterceptor.  The resulting JSP servlet is
>>then served with the same overhead as a regular servlet.  A
>>side effect of this is that the JspServlet isn't visible to web
>>applications by default.
>>Note that the useJspServlet="true" option for the JspInterceptor
>>currently trips on this same problem of the JspServlet not being
>>visible to webapps.  We are currently working on fixing this for
>>Tomcat 3.3.1.
>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>From: Marc Ponschab []
>>>Sent: Monday, November 05, 2001 10:15 AM
>>>Subject: Classloader TC3.3
>>>i've problems understanding the classloader hierarchy in Tomcat 3.3.
>>>In my webapps, i use for generating dynamic CSS-sheets the following 
>>>    <servlet-name>
>>>        css
>>>    </servlet-name>
>>>    <servlet-class>
>>>        org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet
>>>    </servlet-class>
>>>    <servlet-name>
>>>        css
>>>    </servlet-name>
>>>    <url-pattern>
>>>        *.css
>>>    </url-pattern>
>>>This works fine with tomcat 3.2.x and also Tomcat 4, but tomcat 3.3 
>>>requires at least the following JARs in the $TOMCAT_HOME/lib/apps 
>>>directory to avoid ClassNotFound-Exceptions:
>>>jasper.jar, crimson.jar, xalan.jar, tools.jar
>>>But i think this cannot be the proper solution, so: what's my 
>>>Thank you in advance, Marc

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