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From William Hovingh <>
Subject Help with Tomcat/Apache/mod_dav
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 01:06:34 GMT
I am running Apache 1.3.20+mod_dav+mod_webapp, with DAV enabled on the 
entire document tree and several resources being served by Catalina 
through the warp/mod_webapp connector.

My problem is that I would like very much for one of those webapps to be 
visible as a (read-only) resource for a DAV client.  I am nearly to the 
point with my servlet code that the webapp behaves properly when the DAV 
client connects directly over the HTTP/1.1 connector (by adding the 
extra doXXX methods and appropriately overriding the service method to 
dispatch to them), but haven't figured out how to get Apache to pretend 
that the warp-connected app is DAV enabled.

Any Apache+Warp+Catalina config help that anyone can offer would be much 

(I only ask because I haven't seen this anywhere as I RTFM.)

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