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From Carl Dreher <>
Subject DEFAULT servlet-mappings
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2001 02:59:48 GMT

I'm new to using TomCat and am trying to port an existing application
from Java Web Server.  I'm confused about the default "/servlet/"
mapping.  In the <home>/conf/web.xml file, while discussing the
'invoker' servlet, it says:

  <!-- The "invoker" servlet, which executes anonymous servlet
classes      -->
  <!-- that have not been defined in a web.xml file.  Traditionally,
this   -->
  <!-- servlet is mapped to URL pattern "/servlet/*", but you can map
it    -->
  <!-- to other patterns as well.  The extra path info portion of such
a    -->
  <!-- request must be the fully qualified class name of a Java class
that  -->
  <!-- implements Servlet (or extends HttpServlet), or the servlet
name     -->
  <!-- of an existing servlet definition.     

Darned if I've been able to get this to work!  I've been able to run


but not


I want to install some generic servlets that can be used across ANY
application.  Where should these go?  I've tried copying the
HelloWorldExample.class file from the examples to a variety of places
and then trying to run it via


but no luck.  I could do this pretty easily under JWS.  Can someone
point me in the right direction, (or the documentation that better
explains this?)


Carl Dreher

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