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From Steve Brunton <>
Subject Re: Connection reset by peer
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 17:11:28 GMT
"Nakhate, Monali" wrote:
> hello i am encountering this problem,and believe me,i have xhausted this
> forum..and lloked for all possible solutions.Finally i am posting this
> to find some help i have deployed a JSP(BC4J JSP application developed
> in JDeveloper 3.2.3) application to Tomcat 3.2.3. the application runs
> fine sometimes,but sometimes,when i try to refresh a jsp page,the jsp
> page outputs only part of the page.The full page is not seen,if i see
> the source of th page,i see Error:null and in Tomcat Console i see
> IOException,Connection reset by peer if i keep refreshing the page,it
> loads the complete page at some point.Otherwise i have to restart my
> appliation and keep struggling again. Any help for this? Regards Monali

  How long is it taking the JSP page to generate and display? Usually
the "Connection Reset by Peer" is because the luser on the other side of
the browser has pressed the stop button in the middle of a request. It
started to show up alot more with HTTP/1.1 and request pipelining. If
it's taking a long time for the JSP to generate could the browser be
timing out and shutting down the connection? Are you using MSIE? It has
some really bad Keep Alive logic in it (at least with the 5.x strain, I
haven't tested out the 6.x strain fully yet). 
  And get the DirecTV US people to send TheWB and UPN to us folks in
Atlanta. Buffy and Angel and Smallville over Rabbit Ears sucks.

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