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From Janek Bogucki <>
Subject Re: included files, help!! :)
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2001 10:16:03 GMT
Hi Nicholas,

This may not be the best way but it will save you
having to do as much.

Tomcat stores the compiled JSPs in
$CATALINA_HOME/work. Deleting the files from there
will make Tomcat recompile the JSPs the next time the
page using the static include (<%@ include
file="header.html" %>) is served out.


 --- Nicholas Katzakis <> wrote: >
> I was wondering if somebody could help me with
> something that really makes
> my life difficult.
> on my site I have several .jsp files which all
> depend on 2 <%@ included %>
> .htm files (the extension could be anything really..
> I just named them .htm
> so that I could more easily edit them with my html
> editor). How can I tell
> tomcat to recompile the jsp files if any of them
> changes. Because now
> whenever I make a change to the .htm files (which
> handle layout/style) I
> have to open and SAVE around 10 files, for them to
> be updated.
> anybody have a clue?
> p.s. be specific I'm not very confident with
> tomcat's configuration files!
> Nicholas

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