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From "Ivan F. Martinez">
Subject RE: Why no default conf/web.xml in TC 3.3 ?
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 16:52:28 GMT
>It was removed in 3.3 and later versions of 3.2.x (I forget which)
>because it encourages web applications to become dependent on
>the configuration of the web server for correct operation.
>However, for those who are willing to accept this dependence,
>having a "default" web.xml can be real convenient.
>For Tomcat 3.3.1, I'll see about making the "default" web.xml
>a configurable option (disabled by default).

I'm using 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 and tey remain using default web.xml.
This is very good when you have a lot of virtualhosts to configure.
I work on an ISP and it permit for us setting many this for all customers.

Will be very good to have this as an option. 
And anyone who needs this option can use this without having to recompile tomcat.

>In the meantime, you could uncomment the readDefaultWebXml()
>and build your own version of Tomcat.  If you would prefer
>not to rebuild the whole Tomcat web server, you could create a
>directory and put a copy of the source
>in that directory.  Rename the file to and
>update the class name, etc.  Uncomment the readDefaultWebXml()
>and compile.  In the conf/modules.xml file, change the
>WebXmlReader entry to read:
>    <module name="WebXmlReader"
>        javaClass="org.apache.tomcat.facade.MyWebXmlReader"/>
>Tomcat 3.3 should now use your modified version of WebXmlReader.

I will try this.


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