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From Janek Bogucki <>
Subject Included (<jsp:include .../> JSP not being recompiled
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2001 23:50:56 GMT
I seem to have a problem with Tomcat not recompling a
changed JSP when the JSP is only used as an included
file with <jsp:include/>.

I have a page which includes another JSPs:


<%@ page errorPage="/error.html" %>
<jsp:include page="/_include/st.html#header.jsp" 
flush="true" />

This is my included file, just static HTML:


<some static HTML>

If 'MyJSP.html' is modified it's recompiled and served
out okay. However if '/_include/st.html#header.jsp' is
modified 'MyJSP.html' continues to use the old version
until I forced a recompile of
'/_include/st.html#header.jsp' by deleting the
out-of-date class from /work.

Is there anything I can do to get
'/_include/st.html#header.jsp' to recompile
automatically when it's modifed?

Janek Bogucki

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