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From Wolfgang Frank <>
Subject specific Deploymentplan for TOMCAT4 ? J2EE way
Date Sat, 10 Nov 2001 17:01:38 GMT

I am trying to use TC4 as a jsp/web-container and jboss, and Silvertream and 
Orionserver as EJB Containers. All run on different VMs in different locations.
I am struggeling to find a way to connect TC4 with an EJB-Container.
I developed EJBs and Web-apps on Silverstream. (used silverstreams jsp-engine)
There you could define an <ejb-ref> in the web.xml and then map the references 
with a serverspecific deploymentplan (deployWAR.xml) to the corresponding EJB-
JNDI-Names. In my web-application i could use the defined name for the lookups 
and didnĀ“t have to care where the EJBs reside.
I thought that is the idea of the J2EE, (JNDI) spec ? Have a way to easily 
distribute the application with just teaking the deploymentPLAN and not to make 
changes in the application.

I am not sure if i missunderstood something, but i just can't find 
a place where i could do the mapping in Tomcat?
Do the <ejb-refs> in the web.xml have any purpose for TOMCAT?
When and how can i map these entries to a EJB, using the JNDI name?
I can get a standalone java-application to work and make a lookup to JBOSS,  if 
i put the file in the classpath, so the application can find 
the Namingservice and get the context.
But if i transfer the code into a servlet running on CATALINA, it does not work.
I always get NamingExceptions saying the references are not bound to the 
context. (maybe the are not used? i put it in the WEB-INF/lib)

Hmmm .... i hope you understand what my problem ist and can help me to find a 


Wolfgang Frank
System Development
inovex GmbH

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