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From "Tom Drake" <>
Subject Distributed Session Managment / Clusters
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 18:46:36 GMT
Can someone help me understand how the Distributed Session 
Management works. From what I can tell, if you have a cluster 
of Tomcat 4.x instances running, and you've configured each of 
them to use the 'DistributedManager' for managing Session 
data, then :

- each time a new session is created, a copy is broadcast 
  (UDP/Multicast) to the the other Tomcat instances.
- When the other sessions receive the remote Session object
   they append this object to a 'stack' (managed by a 
  ClusterReceiver object).
- The DistributedManager has it's own background thread that 
   periodically wakes up and moves any remote Session objects
   from it's ClusterReceiver into its own list of Sessions.

I cannot find any code that causes an updated Session to be broadcast 
to the other Tomcat instances. Am I missing something?

As an alternative, I could use the JDBC Session store mechanism to 
persist Sessions to a database. In my case, the database is far to
heavyweight of a solution. I don't have the need for persistence other
than in a very transitory way, that is to say, that I need for each Tomcat
instance to have an 'up-to-date' copy of the users Session.


Tom Drake

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