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From "Denis Balazuc" <>
Subject Re: Design Question (Applet or HTML/Servlet)
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 15:32:34 GMT
Hi Deepak

Going for an applet will raise security issues and browser-dependent
annoyances if your application is deployed on client machines which you do
not really have control on. Moreover, your client needs to have the proper
JVM installed, preferrably with Java pluggin, etc.
Now, having said that, if you can afford relaxing the client's browser
security, or if you're willing to deal with certificates and such, an applet
may help more than HTML in terms of development/stability/usability/etc.
An applet  will also allow you to distribute it as a standalone java
application (using java web start for updates for example...) with nearly
no-code change.

However, you may want an HTML based view, using Javascript to display your
Have a look at it's great for javascript-based tree
Interaction with tree nodes may not be easy to do though...

Performances really will depend on how you manage your nodes...and how fast
you can access your database.
The applet version might actually be faster for displaying trees as you're
not actually using a browser for rendering, and you have fewer layers
between the back-end and your UI.

Since the choice between the two probably depends on how you want to deploy
your application....rather than performances.

That's my 2 cents hint of the day.
Hope this helps

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From: "Parmar, Deepak" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 10:19 AM
Subject: Design Question (Applet or HTML/Servlet)

> Hi Guys,
> We are converting over Windows base application into Web base
> application.
> User interface is similar to windows explorer.
> Here is some info:
> 1. In left side we display tree and right side we display data of
> whatever
> node is selected in tree.
> 2. Tree is not STATIC means many user add/delete nodes in tree.
> 3. Tree may have more than 1000 nodes in it.
> 4. get children from database whenever user expand any node.
> Two ways to implement
> 1. Using applet.  Applet communicates to servlet to display tree.
> 2. Use servlet/jsp to display tree in HTML  (using table tag).
> What is the best way to mimic this tree functionality in web base
> application considering we have more than 1000 nodes in tree? How about
> the
> performance in above two cases?
> Thanks
> Deepak

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