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From "Micael Padraig Og mac Grene" <>
Subject Re: RequestDispatcher.forward() and filters
Date Sun, 11 Nov 2001 03:45:15 GMT
Heh, taglibs are not only JSP stuff, they are the best JSP stuff.  JSP gets
too many detractors.  JSP is great, if you don't abuse it.

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From: Dr. Evil <>
To: <>
Date: Saturday, November 10, 2001 4:40 PM
Subject: Re: RequestDispatcher.forward() and filters

>Thanks Craig.  That decisively answers the question for me.  It looks
>like, in my application, filters are more useful than servlets.  The
>problem with servlets is that if I want to catch all requests, and I
>put in a /* mapping, then if I get a RequestDispatcher to anything
>else, it will loop back to the original servlet, over and over.
>Filters avoid this problem.  Filters are a very powerful thing, more
>powerful than servlets, I think.
>Here's my current thought on how to design my project:
>Create some object (or objects) which live in the ServletContext.
>These will hold all the data which the application will need.
>Create some filters to generate per-request objects from the object in
>the ServletContext, and then install these objects into the Request
>Use taglibs to display things as necessary.
>This all uses filters; servlets are hardly used in this.
>This way there is absolutely no JSP stuff used in the display, and the
>model is held in the objects which are in the ServletContext.  Is this
>a good design to take advantage of API 2.3?
>Craig wrote:
>> There are a couple of questions here that are worth answering
>> specifically, based on the final version of the 2.3 spec:
>> * Can a Filter call a RequestDispatcher?  Yes -- for example,
>>   you could implement an MVC-style controller (similar to the
>>   Struts ActionServlet) as a Filter that used individual servlets
>>   as Actions.
>> * If a Filter calls a RequestDispatcher, does that stop the
>>   current Filter chain?  Only if you don't call chain.doFilter()
>>   after the RequestDispatcher.forward() or RequestDispatcher.include()
>>   call returns.  It's up to you to decide whether to continue the
>>   chain or not.
>> * On a RequestDispatcher call, does the newly selected servlet get
>>   its own filter chain?  No -- filter chains are only constructed based
>>   on the original request URI.  Servlets that are selected via a
>>   RequestDispatcher are invoked directly, with no further filters
>>   involved.  (This is also true for RequestDispatcher calls from
>>   servlets.)
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