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From JS <>
Subject Tomcat 4.01/Apache 1.13.22/Mod Webapp
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 16:21:29 GMT
Okay I'm desparate.  I need help.  You guys have been great, but here's my 
I have set up Tomcat 4.01 to serve jsp alongside apache.  I'm trying to 
deploy an app that uses jdbc connections to mysql.  I know the connections 
work, but I am having a problem setting up server.xml and web.xml properly to 
stop the IllegalStateException errors my app keeps throwing once it connects 
through jdbc.  Any suggestions?

These are the error messages I get from the logs:
From catalina.out
StandardContext[/osc]: Mapping contextPath='/osc' with 
requestURI='/osc/template_designer/select_category.jsp' and 
StandardContext[/osc]: Decoded 
StandardContext[/osc]:   Trying exact match
StandardContext[/osc]:   Trying prefix match
StandardContext[/osc]:   Trying extension match
StandardContext[/osc]:  Mapped to servlet 'jsp' with servlet path 
'/template_designer/select_category.jsp' and path info 'null' and update=true
JspEngine --> /template_designer/select_category.jsp
             ServletPath: /template_designer/select_category.jsp
                PathInfo: null
              RequestURI: /osc/template_designer/select_category.jsp
             QueryString: null
          Request Params:
Classpath according to the Servlet Engine is: 
Class name is: select_0005fcategory$jsp
StandardWrapperValve[jsp]: Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception

Also, the Scots are said to have invented golf.  Then they had
to invent Scotch whiskey to take away the pain and frustration.

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