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From "Yiu Wing" <>
Subject [repost] loading class files
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 05:41:47 GMT
Sorry guys this is a repost. But after doing numerous google search and
wading through the docs, I still can't solve my problem with regard to
loading applet classes. I sincerely hope some of you can help me this time,
I desperately need to get this working.  The same message is as follow.

Hello All,

I'm writing an applet that uses JDBC to connect to MySQL server , and the
applet is embedded in a jsp.  I'm new to this, so I went on and read the
docs that come with Tomcat.  I'm also using CVS and ant for the development.
The source code layout of my project is as suggested in the docs, which is

project name
                  |----- docs
                  |----- src
                  |----- web

In the project/web/WEB-INF directory, do I have to create a classes and lib
subdirectories?  The reason I ask this is because the class loader, from the
Tomcat or web browser, can't find the class files.  But they're clearly in
the web directory, whose structure is as,

          |---- login.jsp (that's the jsp file that embeds the applet)
          |---- WEB-INF
                                |------- classes (this directory has all the
needed class files)
                                |------- lib (where the MySQL driver is

The Tomcat docs says the classes and lib dir "are made visible to other
classes within your particular web application", but why my class files
can't be loaded there?  If I move all the class files to the top of the web
directory, and change "code="MyClass.class""  to "code="MyClass"" in the jsp
file, then everything seems to working OK. Oh, yeah, almost forgot, I also
need to copy the whole directory tree for the driver to the web directory as
well.  Setting the classpath for the driver doesn't work.  I don't want to
copy the class files to the top of the web directory every time, can those
file be loaded in the classes and lib directories.  Sorry about this rather
long message, but I'm getting very frustrated and hopping some of you can
help me with this.

Thanks for your help in advance.

P.S. I'm using Tomcat4.0 on Win2000

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