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From "yilmaz" <>
Subject form authentication
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2001 03:43:43 GMT
hi everybody,
can anyone please tell me how form authentication in tomcat 4 b7 works?
so far i was using basic auth. without a problem.
for some reasons i must use custom form auth. , so i decided to configure my
tomcat for form auth type.
however i am having problems, and i can't find any docs about this.
let me make my situation more clear:
in tomcat/conf/web.xml i defined form type auth. as follows:

where login.jsp is located under root directory.
in tomcat/conf/tomcat-users.xml i added a user 'any' for
anonymus access with a role 'any' as follows:

  <user name="yilmaz" password="ay" roles="sman" />
  <user name="yilmazay" password="ay" roles="admn,memb" />
  <user name="member" password="member" roles="memb" />
  <user name="any" password="any" roles="any" />

i am using jdbc realm for authentication with a mysql at the backend.
i don't think there is a problem with mysql, because it was working
till now for basic type auth.
in addition i defined form type authen. in root/web-inf/web.xml, too.

i checked my logs, here is the related part:

WebappLoader[]: Deploying class repositories to work directory
2001-11-28 11:38:19 StandardManager[]: Seeding random number generator class
2001-11-28 11:38:19 StandardManager[]: Seeding of random number generator
has been completed
2001-11-28 11:38:19 ContextConfig[]: Cannot configure an authenticator for
method Form
2001-11-28 11:38:19 ContextConfig[]: Marking this application unavailable
due to previous error(s)
2001-11-28 11:38:19 StandardContext[]: Error initializing naming context for
2001-11-28 11:38:19 StandardContext[]: Context startup failed due to
previous errors

what else should i do, please help me with this?because i can't find any
satisfactory expanation anywhere.
thanks for your help
best regards :)

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