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From "Micael Padraig Og mac Grene" <>
Subject Re: TC 4.0 newbie - servlet app won't run
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2001 21:19:24 GMT
Mark, regarding accessing servlets, I will give a few general remarks that
may or may not be helpful.  I would appreciate knowing either way.
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From: Mark <>
To: Tomcat Users List <>
Date: Monday, November 26, 2001 9:58 AM
Subject: Re: TC 4.0 newbie - servlet app won't run

First, there is more than one way to not only skin a cat but also to access
a servlet.  Let's look at a non-web.xml way.

    A.    We can do it via URL by prepending the servlet's class name with
/servlet/.  Thus, we can access it as typically noted by
    B.    If the servlet if part of a package, then
http://[serverroot]:8080/servlet/, where the servlet
is put into server_root/webapps/yourapp/WEB-INF/classes/package/name

Note that we have NOT MENTIONED THE web.xml.  Okay?

I think you are probably actually putting in the servlet reference as a
directory or something.  Are you?  Are you including classes as part of a
package name?  Something like that must be going on.  The directory classes
is not part of the classpath.  I assume you know that.

I keep wondering why you are continuing to use /servlet/ in your web.xml
with /servlet/myservlet.  It makes me think you might be doing something
like actually constructing a servlet directory or something.

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