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From "Carl Boudreau" <>
Subject resp.sendRedirect("./Join2?Email_Address=" + EmailAddress);
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2001 15:32:12 GMT
Good Morning Fellow Coders,

	I have a very interesting question for all of you.  Below is a small
snippet of code which basically validates a database Insert operation.  The
operation writes to the database then turns around and read the email
address and compares it to what was passed to the Servlets.  For example
within the 20 params sent, would be sent as an email
address.  It would then be written and then it would re-query the database
and compare the results.  This snippet makes the comparison between what was
passed and what was read out of the database, in turn uses the Redirect to
either move on to the next Servlets Join2 if successful, or display
joinerror.html if un-successful.  But an exception is caught and ends the
Servlets.  During debug I have reduce the error to the redirect line
[resp.sendRedirect("./Join2?Email_Address=" + EmailAddress);].

	Now I have been monitoring the email forum and had seen there was a problem
with the redirect.  And in the mean time I had manually started these
Servlets by using IE and entering the
[./Join2?]  and it works fine.  I
think, I found out, that if I manually do this first, then run it normally
by hitting it from a index.html page it works.  But my results have been
very erratic and I don't trust myself.

	I have tried to use out.flush( ); alone and then followed up by a
out.close( ); by this doesn't seem to change anything.


Source Code Snippet;

                        // User join1 data has been added to Database
                       	resp.sendRedirect("./Join2?Email_Address=" +
                        else {


System Config;

	Tomcat 4.0 standalone.
	MySQL 7.0

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