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From "Will Stranathan" <>
Subject Tyrex pool size
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 19:30:11 GMT
Is there a way in the ResourceParams to set up the initial,
max, min, and desired sizes of the Tyrex pools?  And is
there something special you have to do to get it to actually
pool the connections?  When I do a
DataSource.getConnection(), it always returns a brand new
connection even though I properly close() connections when
I'm done with them.  Then it takes about 5 minutes or so for
those connections to clear.  I would prefer to make a
handful of connections, then grab one of the available ones
(more like a real connection pool.)

I've seen this behavior with both the mm.mysql driver and
with the FreeTds driver.  Does my driver have to support
something special to work properly?

Will Stranathan

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