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From Doug McNaught <>
Subject Re: [GENERAL] Problems setting up PostgreSQL and Tomcat JDBC connection
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2001 19:59:14 GMT
Nikola Milutinovic <> writes:

> QUESTION 2: Now this may sound dumb, but... PostgreSQL docs state
> that I should load driver with "-Djdbc.drivers=posgresql.Driver",
> but if I list postgresql.jar file, I see it is
> "org.postgresql.Driver". Is this a typo in the docs?

Yes, the package structure changed in 7.1 or thereabouts.
'org.postgresql.Driver' is the correct classname. 

Have you tried writing a standalone JDBC test app just to make sure
all the database plumbing works and you've got the right connection

BTW, the current stable release of Postgres is 7.1.3, and there were
quite a few bugs fixed since 7.1.0.  You might want to consider

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