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From Dmitri Colebatch <>
Subject Re: tomcat session problem
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2001 04:45:56 GMT
On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, Rinku Randhawa wrote:

> Thanks Ralph for the information, my question is when there are 2 sessions
> running on the web in the same PC (by opening 2 browsers) then it doesn't
> track the sessions properly and changes the value of the session when I go
> to different pages even if I limit one session to one browser.

When you say one browser what do you mean?  A session is effectively tied
to a cookie (unless you are using url re-writing, which might make more
sense for what you suggest), and so if you have two IE windows open, its
one session.  However, if you have one IE and one Netscape window open,
its two sessions.


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